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Howdy, welcome to my geeky corner. This blog is all about my hobbies, tech tutorials and open source projects

  1. Raspberry Pi - Admin Panel

    I've been working on a personal project about Raspberry Pi, the whole idea is simple, i needed some basic monitoring (temperature, CPU, Memory Usage) and to send commands to my Pi server, it's tedious when everytime i have to use ssh for those purposes. So I decided to make an…

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  2. Setting up a self-hosted blog using Raspberry Pi and Ghost

    Hey, you probably assumed why I'm writing this article :-D . Yup, this blog is hosted on my home server using a Raspberry PI mini-computer. Brief Intro I've been using Raspberry PI for a while, mostly as a SVN server and network-attached storage (NAS), where i can easily get access to…

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